Strine Environments

Our Process

‘Eighty percent of the sustainability of a building is achieved through simple good design.’

Ric Butt, CEO Strine Environments

 A Seamless Process

Vine-covered-nth-pergola-(2)From the initial contact through design, production and construction, to landscaping and interiors, we offer a holistic design for the site, and do everything in-house.

What does this mean for you? It means the people you meet and brief at the start of the project, are the ones who will manage the entire process for you. It’s a seamless process because we are responsible for every step.

The buck stops with us. We work collaboratively with our clients and according to best practice principles to develop an effective working partnership to design, produce and construct your home.

How we work

Step 1: contact us

Contact us with your initial enquiry via email or phone . We will chat with you about your ideas and needs and help work out which of our three services suits you best; each service has a slightly different process



‘Sustainability has no style, the more we do the more we learn that the principles remain the same.’

Ric Butt