Strine Environments

Design Portfolio

‘ To me, sustainability means that the physical and psychological environments come together.

‘Running a house should require low energy. If you look at the life-cycle of many houses, much of the energy comes from living in it rather than manufacturing the materials. This house will last the distance and limit the energy used.’

Stefanie Pidcock Owner of an E-House built in 2008.

Our award winning homes have a uniquely Australian feel. The landscaping is a critical part of the overall design of a Strine house, and not only works to cool the air in summer and reduce wind velocity, but also allows for indoor/outdoor living all year round.

Our Portfolio Designs are the basis of our Design/Build service and showcase how we at Strine Environments build for the Australian climate as well as 21st century living. Our range includes unique and classic designs that will withstand the test of time.