Strine Environments


“As long term Canberra residents we really enjoy our Strine home with the winter sun streaming into every room. It was something we had longed for during many cold winters. We love the Aussie atmosphere with the corrugated iron roof and the gently curving roofline. Visiting friends and family all rave about the attractive and spacious simplicity of the interior”.

“Even from the first meeting with Ric Butt and Ngaio Fitzpatrick, it became clear that Strine had a completely different approach to Sustainable architecture, on that we both felt completely comfortable. While we had modest designs in terms of size and certain finishes (like floors and windows) we also had very high expectations in terms of thermal comfort and the desire for a ‘small environmental footprint’. So Strine worked with us as we negotiated with the Q.C.C. for composting toilets/water tanks/solar orientation and the ability to run greywater to the native garden.
Everything that we thought possible has eventuated, and we could not be happier with the end result. Certain things have required fine tuning as we have gone along – and Strine have always helped with advice or help when we needed it. Strine is a unique combination of design and fabrication – one that suited our difficult block well”.

“Strine Design has been a pleasure to work with. I first met Rick Butt in 1995 when I asked him to design my little town house as a dual occupancy development in Curtin ACT and then with Amanda East in 2002, we undertook a very complex renovation of two old semis in Mosman NSW. The design has had nothing but praise from the builders,J W Constructions and draws generous comment from all my visitors. I love living in my half of the dwelling. All through the development approval stage with Mosman Council I had informed and strong support from the firm”.

“Strine designs combine science with flair. From concept through design development and building Strine creates exciting houses that blend with the landscape”.

“Our home, an adaptation of Strine’s Millennium design, has clarity of line and avoidance of ‘fuss’. The steel pergola casts angular shadows on the home’s northern glass face and the steel roof mirrors the curvature of the surrounding hills. The concrete walls, painted in a ‘funky’ brown/purple, ground the building visually, while providing mass for its thermal efficiency. Its integration of parts is elegant and stunning”.

“Rick listened to us and really understood us; the alterations he designed for us produced a house that delights us every day”.